Step 3: Needs and Options Review

What is a Needs and Options Review?

What is a Needs and Options Review?

What is included?


You will get:

  • A professional opinion on the feasibility of your project.

  • A brief that provides the DNA for future work.

  • A chance to discuss potential solutions at a high level.

  • An exploration of the potential “look & feel” of the scheme.

  • An opportunity to evaluate the functional viability of your ideas.

  • Sketches of possible layout solutions.

  • A rough order of cost of construction.

  • A report containing all the above information that can be used by any designer of your choice.

  • Schedule of services and fee proposal on the next stages of the project.

Needs and Options Review (Commercial)
2 hr
Needs and Options Review (Residential)
1 hr

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